Saturday, August 21, 2010

What a day!

Well it all started with a little green, then a run/walk then back home for Vegan Overnight Oats with some banana topping and raw almond butter, yum! 

Then it was off to get my oil changed and make a Whole Foods last one that takes 25 minutes!! (Our new apartment is only a few miles away from it!) I needed to pick up some bananas and almond butter and pitas.  I found these pitas with carrot and lentil flour and some other stuff too.  Seven grams of protein! 
Then I went home to eat lunch and go get my hair cut.  I haven't had a hair cut in a while so I was looking a little like a disaster.  Then I went and got my eyebrows threaded.  I found this girl from Iran who does an amazing job.  Good brows always makes me smile :) 
Then I came home and started in on the project of the week....
 I knocked out the storage closet, living room and bathroom.  So just the kitchen and bedroom and we'll be well on our way outta here.
It was a very productive day, but I am EXHAUSTED!  Time for some dinner and a night of relaxing till Bryan comes home. 
I found out yesterday that I have to work at 7:30 am tomorrow.  YUCK!  But hopefully not too long, we are taking an upgrade on the system and we have to be there to test everything before Monday morning. 
Hope you had a wonderful Saturday!  

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  1. I bet you're exhausted!! It looks like you got a lot done!!!

    Speaking of protein, I made some No Pudge Fudge brownies with plain yogurt, walnuts, and a million scoops of protein powder....and Jared can't even tell. Hehe.

    I love looking at your pics when you post :) Keep 'em comin!