Monday, August 16, 2010


Life has been a little crazy here in Oklahoma!  We are moving in a week and 3 days so we have to start packing up our lives and moving just a few miles to a cheaper, but nicer apartment :)  I cannot wait to get out of the second hand smoke zone!!  It's nauseating!  Fresh air here we come! 
This weekend was pretty low key, Bryan and his brother in law ran the 5k in some stinking hotness!  They did great tho!  Saturday I tried to run, but my pelvis didn't like that too much so I basically took a long walk.  Bryan worked and then after work we went to this Greek restaurant that I got a gift certificate from.  Had a delicious pita with hummus and some tabbouleh.  Reminds me of the good old days in Queens with the Greek music blaring right outside my window :) 
Sunday was pretty laid back went to church and took a nice long nap, which was good while it lasted, but then I woke up completely disoriented, I hate when that happens!
This morning I had another super yummy green smoothie, it really gives me the motivation to get up in the morning :):)  Had a good cross training workout and headed to work.
Well I have to go teach a computer class to some doctors...wish me luck!! :)  Have a great day!

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