Monday, July 1, 2013

Eloise Adalyn Baxter. The birth story.

So my due date was Friday the 28th or Saturday the 29th depending on who you ask, I was told the 28th after my first ultrasound and then the 29th later on.  But of course I went by the 28th.  So as the date approached I analyzed every ache, pain or change in how I felt.  I worked Wednesday night till 8, not feeling the greatest, nothing really specific, just off.  I needed to get groceries on Thursday but decided right after work that I would just run and get them since Bryan had Lola and it's easier and faster to just run in and out. I got home about 9 and started having some braxton hicks contractions while I put the groceries away and caught up with some phone calls.  Had some cereal, raisin bran was my major craving this time around :)  Then I headed to bed around 10.  I just laid there for a while and started to have some pain so I decided to time them and see if there was anything to it, it was about 11:45 at this point.  They were coming about 7 min apart and lasting about 30 seconds or so.  I also felt a little trickle, which may or may not have been my water breaking.  By 1:20 am I had been timing for a while and decided to wake Bryan up and tell him I was going to call the midwife and see what she thought.  I called and she called right back, I described what was going on and she said since I probably wasn't going to get much rest, I might as well come in a get checked out.  I called my dad so he could come and stay with Lola and jumped in the shower.  Bryan got our stuff together and started loading up the car and getting out Lola's carseat for my dad.  My dad got here about 2 and we left pretty much right away.  The hospital is about 45 min away with no traffic so we wanted to get going.  I timed my contractions on the way and my excitement got more as the contractions started to come about 5 minutes apart, still totally manageable although I did have to start breathing through them a little more.  We got to the hospital about 3 and checked in and went up to the labor and delivery floor. They took  me to the triage area and got me hooked up to the monitor.  The nurse checked me, she said she didn't think my water broke, but I was about 2-3 cm dilated.  She said they would monitor me for a while and see if the contractions were consistent and if they were they would have me walk around for a while.  They were sticking at about 5 min apart and so I was able to get up and walk around.  We walked  the floor and I would squat during each contraction, the nurse suggested this to get things moving a little faster.  Bryan was great, he walked with me, timed the contractions and wrote down the times so we could keep track.  We walked for an hour and the contractions went to 2-3 min apart, still tolerable, but definitely had to focus to get through them.  We got hooked up again and she check me, I was at 5 cm, so I heard those words I was waiting's time!  Whohoo !! :) I had tested positive for GBS so they didn't want to risk waiting too long to start the antibiotic. I got moved to the room with the tub, as I was hoping for a water birth and there is only one room that has one.  We walked a little more and then one of the midwives wanted to check my progress again and see about my water.  I met my nurse, who I had met before when I was admitted for my blood pressure and was excited because she is the sweetest and I felt really comfortable with her, she also helped my sister in law during her labor. Pat, the midwife, checked me and said I was at a 6.5-7 and my water had definitely broken at some point....who knows when.  I was on the monitor for a little bit and then got up and tried the birthing ball, but just wasnt really that crazy about it, tried getting on all fours but that seemed to make things worse, so I just walked around in between contractions and then put my hands on a stool that was in the room and breathed through each contraction, at this point I really had to focus on the purpose of the pain and disconnect from it to get through.  Things started moving faster and I got back in the bed. Sheela, my midwife arrived at this point, which was another blessing since she isn't always on call and today was the last day till the following Monday that she would be around. I started having to close my eyes and make that monotone sound you hear in birthing works for some reason, sounds like I'm doing some kinda crazy meditation, but whatever it takes at this point.  The tub had been filled and they said I could move there.  I labored for a few contractions and it felt very relaxing to be in there.  The nurse noticed what she thought was, some meconium in my fluid and Sheela, told Bryan and I that I probably wouldn't be able to do the water birth because of that and she would check to make sure that was what it was.  I was kinda bummed, but really just wanted to get to the bed before another contraction.  Sheela checked me at this point as I started to feel a little urge to push.  I was 9 and a little lip left.  but the baby's head was still up pretty high.  Sheela said she wanted me to get in the shower, I didn't want to move but she seemed to think that would help.  I wasn't in there more than a contraction and my body just started  pushing, it was 10:26 am.  Right away Sheela wanted me back in the bed,  I kept saying I can't, I didn't want to move and the pain had started winning and I was losing control.  They dragged me back in bed in time for me to push once holding on to the birthing bar on the bed.  I could hear Bryan start to get emotional and Sheela said, I could have the baby with the next contraction.  I pushed, screamed and yelled one more contraction and all of a sudden she was here!  10:30 am.  They put her on my chest and suctioned her out while they let the cord stop pulsing.  Then Bry cut the cord and they took her to the incubator next to me to check her out and weigh her.  I originally wanted to hold her till I nursed, but I think because of the meconium they wanted to make sure everything was good.  I ended up tearing along my scar from Lola's birth, but this time it was only 2nd degree.  Sheela stitched me up, not fun with a few shots of lidocain that didn't seem to do anything so I pretty much felt every stitch not to mention the contractions still coming on.  The placenta came out finally and I got to hold and nurse my girl.  All of the 7 lbs 2 ounces and 20.5 inches of her was perfect.  Everyone left and Bry and I had some time to soak it all in.  It was really pretty perfect and I am so incredibly humbled at how God worked out every single detail.