Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Trying to get back onto the blogging wagon!  Eloise will be 5 months next week!  Lola is 2 and 1/2.  Time flies!  
Lola is into everything!  Loves washing her hands, brushing her teeth, eating Daddy's cereal, coloring and "making recipes" with Mama.

We got to go visit Bryan's sister Mary and his nephew Mitchel in NYC.  Lola loved playing with her cousin and it was so good to see them both,.  Prayers are continually appreciated as Mitchel continues to gain strength and healing from his bone marrow transplant.

This little cutie is tons of fun too.  Not too much into sleeping for the past few months, but she is a happy girl despite this so that makes it a little easier.  She loves to smile and is rolling over both ways pretty good and pushes herself up off her belly.

Just melts my heart <3 p="">

It's so fun to watch this sister relationship start to form.  Lola loves to make her laugh and talks to her and tries to calm her down when she cries.  Lola makes sure she always has her pacifier and loves to give her the occasional fist bump or kiss on the head.  They still don't really look anything alike.  Elle's eyes are still very blue and Lolas are very brown.  Elle is very fair skinned, Lola could get a tan at night.  I think Eloise takes more after Bryan and maybe my mom.

Lola loves snuggling with Eloise, although Eloise isn't always a fan.

We are heading to Tulsa tomorrow to celebrate Thanksgiving with Bryan's family and catch up with friends.  I am so excited to get a way for a little bit and take some time to just be truly thankful for all the blessings that God has brought to us this year.