Friday, May 24, 2013

35 weeks, Baby #2

Back with a quick update, can't believe that I am 35 weeks already and yet at the same time, 5 weeks seems like an eternity!  I'm sure it will fly as the rest of this pregnancy has.
Feeling pretty good, been having a little trouble staying asleep and getting back to sleep once I wake up.  Eating has been a little weird, dinner, no matter what it is has pretty much been less than appealing to me.  I work 2 nights a week so I just kind of graze those days, but the rest of the week, poor Bryan has been left to fend for himself more times that I would like to admit, I just can't bring myself to eat, let alone cook something some days.
So far my weight gain has been a little less than with Lola, but no swelling this time, so it probably works out to be about the same since there is less water weight.
Been having some "blood pressure" issues in the office recently, which sent me to the hospital two weeks ago and got me an extra ultrasound this next week.  I saw a Dr, this time around and he wanted to check the baby because at my 30 week ultrasound her abdomen was measuring 2 weeks behind.  He said this can be caused by high blood pressure and the baby not getting enough nutrients.  Trying not to worry too much, I know that those things can be off but we will see on Wednesday how it goes.
Hoping for a natural water birth still at this point, which I can't have if my blood pressure is up, so praying that it all works out and whatever happens in the end, is for the best.
Ok, that's all for now, will be back with some pictures and more updates, now that we have a computer again! yay!