Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ready to face the pancakes :)

Ok, after a very long break, I'm back!  I couldn't bring myself to look at that stack of pancakes picture that I had in my last post.  My nausea just wouldn't let me!  But I summed up the courage today and went for it!  I think I may actually be starting to feel better...major hesitation there, but I am feeling like fewer things set off my gag reflex and it is more tolerable, which is FANTASTIC!  Because I just couldn't really function with that feeling all of the time.
So much has happened in the past several months!  Not to mention the fact that we are having a baby! It's weird even typing that! Hasn't really sunk in, it's one of those things you dream about your whole life and never really think it could happen to you!  It's exciting, nerve wracking and an amazing expirience so far.  I am seeing a midwife verses a OB doctor.  I am hoping for a low intervention, all natural expirience with a fast recovery!  (in my dreams anyways :)  I love our midwife, she is super nice and laid back and has had 2 natural deliveries herself, so she can relate. 
We have had 2 appointments with her.  The first we had an ultrasound and saw the baby!  That was crazy!!  Then last week we went for our 12 week checkup and heard the heartbeat, 166 beats per minute, so nice and strong!  We will go back in 4 weeks and 5 days (but who is counting :)  to get the BIG ultrasound and find out what we are having!!! Bryan is hoping for a girl and I'm kind of 1/2 and 1/2.  Either one is good, a boy would be perfect for my little nephew Judah to grow up with and a girl would be good too though. 
So I hate to cut this short, but there will be more to come!  Thanks for checking back :)