Saturday, July 31, 2010

Perfect Morning

This morning was a little out of routine for me, but I am learning latley, that that isn't always a bad thing!  I got up early to get a jump on my 14 mile training run for the marathon.  This week in Oklahoma it isn't supposed to get below 100 all week pretty much, so I wanted to avoid heat stroke :)  I always struggle with what to eat before I run.  Somethings really upset my stomach, but I need something to give me energy.  I have been starting to make smoothies with a frozen banana, blueberries, hemp protein, greens powder and a little kale for good measure.  Other than being a little over anxious to get it made, and losing half my spatula in the blender, it was delicious!  (I found the piece of spatula towards the end :)  It really gives me the energy that I need without weighing me down.  I ran out  and back 7 miles on the River Parks trail, which is a forever long trail, mostly along the Arkasas River.  It was really pretty perfect.  I took along a homemade energy bar (Super easy, dried bananas, dates and almonds all thrown in the food processor and then just form them into bars) that helped me make it towards the end.  I decided to make some pancakes when I got back to refuel on some carbs.  So I made these absolutely delicious ones with spelt flour, blueberries and carob.  Then added some mashed bananas as "syrup". I love being vegan!! So many great things to try! (mostly thanks to my new blog obsession  Once I finished those I headed off to yoga with Bryan.  And let me tell you I needed a good stretch like you wouldn't believe!
So that was my super great, perfect morning!  Hope the rest of the day is just as good!

Begin at the beginning

Life is funny.  One day you think you have it all figured out and the next nothing is certain.  Going through several huge changes in the past several years has been quite a ride, but I can definitely say that it has been worth it.  I used to pray that God would keep me right where I was.  It was a time in my life where I thought I had it all figured out, I was happy, or so I thought.  Actually I was so terrified of moving downward that I was content to stay put.  Oh how I underestimated this life and the God that gave it to me.  I am on a journey, slowly learning to trust and ask God not to leave me here, but to take me higher than I ever could have dreamed of. 
I chose the title a change in the making, because that is what I am and always want to be, redeemed, moving in the upward direction, closer to God and never being satisfied with where He has me, but being hungary for something bigger. 
It's a journey and I want to take it all in, every single second!  In thinking about how I might better be able to soak it all up I think one of the most exciting things for me is to be able to share my thoughts and life in a real way.  So this is the perfect place for me to do that. 
I am training for the New York City Marathon in November, trying to become a great vegan chef :)  and becoming a full fledged aunt the fall (not that the other, I think 18 don't count, but ya know, this is my little brother!!
:)  So I am sure I will have lots to share!
I want to be able to journal my thoughts about everything from running to food to family and friends.  So come along for the ride.  I have a feeling it's going to be great!