Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Continuing Journey

I hate to make excuses, but my lack of posting for over a month is because of Lola.  She is now the proud owner of 6 teeth and I have the bags under my eyes to prove it.  She will put whatever is within reach in her mouth...
 I read somewhere that celery has natural numbing properties, so we gave that a try, she seemed to like it.
We finally gave in and bought a mesh teether, you can put frozen veggies or fruit or even ice inside and they can chew on it without worrying about anything breaking off.  We tried some peaches and banana in it.  She absolutely loves it and gets mad when you try to take it away from her. 

It's been rough to say the least, but I find that through each new phase I learn more about her as a person, her personality is really starting to show and I am so excited to see more of it each day. 

She loves kids, not so sure of adults though.  Anyone besides Bryan or I, has to really work to get a smile anymore, she has this very pensive look on her face when she is around people, like she is analyzing the situation.  We could have another melancholy on our hands!

She is getting more daring with her standing and will now move around things while holding on and even go to one hand.  She has tried no hands a few times, but her balance just isn't quite there yet .

She loves to pull up on the book shelf and pull books off.  Funny thing is it is usually the same books.  She might be trying to send a message, with this one...

We are adjusting more and more to being here and starting to feel a little more at home.  We are committing to a church ( you can check it out by clicking here )  for now to just see where God is taking us. 

Bryan will start to travel some starting in March so that will be another adjustment, but we are learning to trust God that His plan is perfect, every detail is orchestrated by Him and He will supply all that we need for life and godliness!