Saturday, October 8, 2011

5 and 1/2 months!

Whoa, this is so cliche to say, but honestly, where has the time gone?!  I can't believe we are approaching the 6 month mark and  no one has gone crazy or lost any limbs :)

Lola is doing something new every day it seems like.  She is rolling both ways now, more from her back to belly, but she's starting to figure out how to go back the other way.  She's scooting a ton and getting up on all fours so I have a feeling crawling is in our near future.  She also does the plank position up on her toes and hands, the girl's got abs to die for I tell ya ;)

She says mamamama, just in between jibberish, then when you ask her to say Mama, she looks at ya and goes MMMMMM...such a tease.

She is very alert and aware of people.  When Bryan starts to talk while shes eating, she totally stops and stares at him.  Sometimes he just has to be quite so she won't get distracted.  I think we may have a Daddy's girl on our hands.

When Bryan comes home from work he makes this shocked face, like he's excited to see her and she'll do it back.  It's cute.  Bryan said that'll be their thing when she's 30 .  LOL.

We transitioned into her crib this past week.  Major breakdowns did occur from all parties earlier in the week, but we are all starting to get adjusted.

We are heading to PA on Nov. 2nd to celebrate a sweet little boy's first birthday and are so excited!  Hard to believe a year ago we were gearing up to meet him for the first time all we knew about Lola was a few kicks and punches.

Well that's all for now!