Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'll be home for Christmas

Here it is, a week before Christmas!  I cannot believe how fast this last month has flown by!  Our trip to Tulsa was a whirlwind and now we are focusing on getting ready for our first Christmas with 2 sweet girls and just enjoying some much needed family time.  Bryan's last day of work for the year is Friday! Yay!  We are planning on spending some time talking, resting, reading and making goals for the new year.

We attempted our first ornament making with Lola this year.

We made cinnamon ornaments and she loved it!  She still very much wants to help with anything to do with food.  She is excited about Christmas, although she thinks it's every day, so we have to constantly remind her that we still have a few days left.  Although I may be more excited than she is :)

Our sweet little Eloise is growing WAY to fast.  Rolling, scooting and pushing herself up are her ways of getting around these days.  I know I shouldn't wish away these days, but I CANNOT WAIT till Lola and Eloise are running after each other and playing.  I've heard Lola say a few times to her "Come on baby sister, let's go", so when she can actually follow her around will be so much fun!

On a sad note, we had to say good bye to our little Addie.  She was with us for 16 years,  She would always follow my mom around and when she rested would be snuggled right by her side.  She was my dads shadow and helped him adjust during those difficult days and even once Jared and I left home.  She will be greatly missed!!

Excited about the next two weeks and the time spent with family and at home.  Excited to see what the new year has in store for us.  Thankful that God has been faithful this past year and will never leave my side in the year to come.