Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh sweet six months :)

Well I made it to 6 months! WHOHOO!  I can't believe it and yet it's like the grass is always greener, because now I am thinking, "If I can just make it to 7 months..."  but I guess maybe that's the way God designed me to set goals and once I reach them to set more.  I just need to enjoy where I am at too, though.

Things here are pretty much the same, I guess.  I've been feeling pretty good for the most part, other than super duper tired.  I fell asleep on the couch at about 7:30, got up and went to bed at 8, woke up about 11:30 and didn't fall back asleep :(  AHHH!  I am dragging!
I am feeling more water retention latley too.  My hands feel like I ate a super salty meal, but I've been majorly diligent about staying away from the salt.  I'm trying to drink tons of water and keep moving hoping that will help ease it alittle.

This next month of being pregnant will be less busy then it has been.  I am going home on January 25th for a WHOLE week!  I cannot wait!! Although I am sad that Bryan can't come too :(  But someone has to work I guess!  I get to see my family and friends and just relax!!  I love being home because it's truly relaxing, no cleaning staring me in the face (my dad is super cleaning man :)  and I just love laying on the couch by the fire.  It's one of my favorite places ever!

I have my next (and LAST 2nd trimester) appointment with Kim, my midwife on the 17th and will be doing the glucose test, BLEH :P 

Short but sweet update :)  Have a great day!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

5 and 3/4 months, 23 weeks, 119 days to go, 4 months from yesterday! - I LOVE countdowns :)

Total weight gain: So, the scale said I gained 3 pounds, but I think it's probably more like 1 or 2 because of the oatmeal with banana, 2 liters of water, and venti coffee I had before I got there, so I'm floating (ha ha) around 12 or 13 so far

How big is baby? says: Baby is the size of a large mango -- just over a pound. (Length: more than 11 inches.)

Maternity clothes: Nothing new here still sticking with my 2 pairs of maternity pants and beband, feel like I might need some new shirts, cause my options are limited on length.

Stretch marks: Nada

Sleep:  Not been the greatest, I am completely exhausted most of the time and wake up and then can't fall back asleep.  Oddly enough I upped my water intake to 3 liters and I slept through the night last night...I thought I was going to pay for it dearly too!  So maybe hydration is the key?! Who knows I will keep giving it a try and see how it goes.

Movement: Getting more and more every day.  The kicks are getting stronger too, sometimes I am afraid she is going to hurt herself (or me:) , it's so forceful.  She is definitely just like her mama (and papa :) and gets demanding when she is hungry, she kicks more before I have a late lunch or dinner.

Food cravings: Yeah still not really cravings, per Se. For dinner, I have been having steamed zucchini with a grain like quinoa, bulgur or couscous and this tahini garlic lemon dressing that I made, it is seriously yum!  Lunch is still the protein packed bulgur with tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and garbanzos (30+ grams baby!).  Breakfast I have been making oatmeal with some hemp seed and banana.  So throw a few snacks in there and I am pretty much back in the protein range I need to be, and feeling much, MUCH better.

Food aversions: Ok, so I seriously think that the person in the cubical behind me is making chili from scratch in there!  There are lots of clanking around and the spice smell is much so that I was actually sneezing, I think from breathing it in! YUCK!

Belly button: Same-o, Same-o

What I'm looking forward to: Looking forward to next week because then I will be 6 months!! whohoo!  Also this weekend and spending time with Bryan's family and mine (via good old Skype) and relaxing a little.

Weekly Wisdom: Planning ahead is good, but there's definitely a line you can cross into obsessive compulsive worrying about everything...I've been flirting with that line a little.  Also, taking things with a grain of salt, especially comments from well meaning people.  A girl I work with told me that "You don't look pregnant, just wider."   AWESOME!  I got a little offended by that at first, but ya know what, whatever!  I've learned through the years that some people feel compelled to comment on things and words just come out of their mouth that aren't really attached to major analysis, unlike the the things that I usually say that are DOA (those Law and Order Episodes are paying off!!) because of OVER analysis.  So we all have our issues :)

Weekly joys: We found a doctor for Lola!! He's very pro natural and he wrote a book called Detoxing for Dummies!  Had a great appointment with my midwife, Kim.  Lola's heart rate was 143 bpm.  I'm measuring right on schedule.  It's so good to hear her little heart and know that everything is going right.  We are truly blessed!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

22 weeks down...18 more to go!

Total weight gain: like I said before, no scale for this mama!  We will see at my appointment next week.....Dun, DUn, DUN!

How big is baby?  A papaya!

Maternity clothes: Hit the jackpot at Burlington and got jeans and 2 shirts, plus a sweater at a maternity consignment shop.  So I'll be good for another few weeks anyways, I still fit into one pair of jeans...I think they are like those magic pants from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants...they fit every size lol!  I also have resolved to be content with my be band and stretch out a few pants with that, so that brings my total up to 6 pairs that I can wear! whohoo!

Stretch marks: Nothin on this front, although I have ALOT of itching!!!! I think its a combo of my skin stretching and the dry winter air...NOT fun!  I had to get up last night and put on lotion it was so bad.

Sleep: Not much has changed here either, not great, but not terrible...been watching a little too much Law and Order so I always have to convince myself that there is no creepy stalker in the apartment before I can drift off to dream land :)

Movement: I pretty much feel her moving a little every day now, it's a nice little treat!  Bryan got to see her kicking the other night, so that was EXCITING!

Food cravings: eh, not so much, I crave food in general right now...I think partly because I have gotten a little sloppy with my protein intake, I really need to get back on that!  I get about 60-70 grams per day, but I feel better when I'm closer to 80 or 100.

Food aversions: Still stands, NO Mexican or popcorn and pretty much any kind of chili/sloppy joe smell makes me wanna die, we are having this thing at work, called the 12 days of Christmas where everyone gets a day and brings something...uhg, people come on!  no more!  if it smells it should be banned!!!! Pretty funny on my day, I brought vegan pumpkin gingerbread (no smell :)  and it was gone in about an hour. haha and they didn't even know if was good for them!

Belly button: It is so the exact same, I must have a very stubborn one, or just lots of skin to stretch!

What I'm looking forward to: a few things...1.  I have my next appointment Monday, and that's always nice to hear that everything is going good.  2.  Also yesterday I booked my flight to go home in January! So I am looking forward to spending some time with family and friends, probably the last time before Lola arrives!  3.  Christmas, I love the holiday! We are having a Skype Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve, so that'll be fun, our first with little Judah, the cutest nephew I have ever seen!

Weekly Wisdom:    Relax!  Sometimes it doesn't come naturally and you have to chose it, but its always an option, giving things to God and letting go, when you have absolutely no control.  I am learning this more and more.  I don't know much, but I do know that God is here for me and willing to listen to my heart and guide me. 

Weekly joy:  Well, it's been a tough week at times (my hormones are completely throwing me for a loop) but just making it to this point, 22 weeks, is a blessing in itself!

Saturday, December 11, 2010


This morning, I have just been overwhelmed with all that I have been blessed with.  Spending time with God, my little girl kicking me, my hard working husband, my Christmas tree, running, being a vegan and making such amazing things :) and a wonderful family that loves me, despite of my flaws.  It's this time of year that is so often overlooked because it's over in a blink of an eye.  I must say that I am seeing it differently this year, in a new light of gratitude. 
Today has been very productive so far and yet it's not the usual "Lindsay" productive of blowing through my to do list just to get it all done.  I've actually been enjoying the process, it's very refreshing and the slower pace is not nearly as terrifying as I once thought.
Just wanted to share some of from my day so far...

After my nice relaxing run and yoga DVD I made some vegan blackberry oat bars...

I made them with all fruit jam, so no high fructose corn syrup...and no it's NOT just sugar!  They have a chia egg, which I am falling in love with because they are so easy to make!  (1TBSP Chia + 3 TBSP Water, and let sit for 15 minutes)  They have sesame seeds on top for a little extra nutty flavor...look and smell DELISH!

I did some laundry and dishes and got ready, then I had a little photo session, since people have been asking for pictures...
Just the belly...

I look a little stoned in this one, but you get the full effect :)

Side view

So there she is...getting bigger and I think more cramped every day, last night I actually SAW her moving around from the outside!  I remember my sister-in-law, Jess, telling me when she saw Judah moving around in there....she was right, totally crazy and amazing!

And the view from my computer is pretty nice too...
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

20 weeks and 4 days...

Total weight gain:  Not weighing myself in between appointments...not really that interested...or maybe not really seeing the benefit in knowing, cause if it's high then well...what are ya gonna do, ya know!?  Trying to eat healthy and workout...that's all I can do

How big is baby? The internet says...10 1/2 ounces, around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel

Maternity clothes: I gave in and bought a pair of khakis from Kohl's for work...not a huge fan, but the waist is much more comfy and they give me something else to wear.  They are a little big so I'm hoping they will last me until the end!  Still using the Beband, but I am starting not to like the bulkiness and weird lumps that my pants get with it on.  Trying to hold out and just use it as long as possible though.

Stretch marks: Nothing new, been using jojoba oil alot...

Symptoms: Lately I've been getting cramps in my hands every once in a while, but nothing that lasts more than a second or two.  I've also been SUPER tired.  I could go to sleep at 7 every night if I wanted to.  I also have like NO patience with people or myself.  I get so worked up about the stupidest things!  Although now that I think of it, that hasn't really changed much being pregnant :)

Sleep: Sleeping is about the same.  Still have trouble getting comfortable and wake up a few times at nite.  But nothing too serious

Movement: Still kinda hit or miss, nothing really regular or really noticeable.  Once in a while I can feel her from the outside, though.

Food cravings:  hmmmm...I've been trying to make some more new vegan recipes lately.  I made eggplant and zucchini "lasagna" this weekend (with tomatoes, navy beans, nutritional yeast, olive oil and garlic-I think this stuff was amazing!  The eggplant tastes very much like noodles and the beans and yeast really are a nice combo) and made some cookie dough balls with no added sugar using dates, oatmeal and cashews (and dark chocolate OF COURSE!)  and they taste pretty close to cookie dough I must say!  For lunch I have been making quinoa or something with some veggies and dinner has been some kinda pasta with diced tomatoes, spinach, Italian spices and garbanzos.  I've started having cream of wheat for a snack in the afternoon.  It's one of those comfort foods for me, my mom used to make it for us alot when we were little.  I don't really have cravings, like middle of the night ice cream or anything.

Eggplant and zucchini lasagna...didn't use the vegan parmasean cheese as you see here, but you get the idea...


Cookie dough balls...didn't have toothpicks, so I just used my fingers :)  Look pretty convincing, huh!?

Check out these and other recipes at !

Food aversions: Mexican is still a major no no.  Anything processed, it has this smell that makes me wanna run the other direction.  I don't know if it is the sodium or what.

Workouts:  I have been pretty consistent with doing the elliptical 5 days a week, lifting 3 times, yoga once and running on Saturdays.  The running is definitely different, not too mention alot slower, but I can feel my ligaments and muscles working so much harder especially around my core and they are definitely a little sore.  But it feels good to be back and able to start slow.  Oh and YES, my midwife said it was perfectly OK for me to do these things! (just in case anyone wondered, not that I've been incessantly badgered by anyone about it.... :)

Got a prenatal  yoga DVD from the library, Zen mama...wasn't terrible!
Zen Mama Prenatal Yoga Workout with Rainbeau Mars - DVD

Belly button: Still no change

What I'm looking forward to: I know your supposed to enjoy every minute of being pregnant...blah, blah,blah...but today I am really just looking forward to April 21 and this process being over and me being able to hold and see Lola. 134 more days to go!

Had a very productive weekend, getting the majority of Christmas shopping done and decorating.  We won't have a tree again this year, but we've upgraded to stockings, poinsettias and a wreath for the door  Less than 3 weeks till Christmas!  Scary!   I still have a few things I need to buy and make, but I feel much better now!