Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh sweet six months :)

Well I made it to 6 months! WHOHOO!  I can't believe it and yet it's like the grass is always greener, because now I am thinking, "If I can just make it to 7 months..."  but I guess maybe that's the way God designed me to set goals and once I reach them to set more.  I just need to enjoy where I am at too, though.

Things here are pretty much the same, I guess.  I've been feeling pretty good for the most part, other than super duper tired.  I fell asleep on the couch at about 7:30, got up and went to bed at 8, woke up about 11:30 and didn't fall back asleep :(  AHHH!  I am dragging!
I am feeling more water retention latley too.  My hands feel like I ate a super salty meal, but I've been majorly diligent about staying away from the salt.  I'm trying to drink tons of water and keep moving hoping that will help ease it alittle.

This next month of being pregnant will be less busy then it has been.  I am going home on January 25th for a WHOLE week!  I cannot wait!! Although I am sad that Bryan can't come too :(  But someone has to work I guess!  I get to see my family and friends and just relax!!  I love being home because it's truly relaxing, no cleaning staring me in the face (my dad is super cleaning man :)  and I just love laying on the couch by the fire.  It's one of my favorite places ever!

I have my next (and LAST 2nd trimester) appointment with Kim, my midwife on the 17th and will be doing the glucose test, BLEH :P 

Short but sweet update :)  Have a great day!


  1. Hey Lindsay! I found your blog through Sarah's. Congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting! Looks like life is going really well for you. So happy for you. :)


  2. Hey D! Thanks :) Congratulations to you too! Sarah told me about you guys. I checked out your blog, will be praying for you on bed rest. My sis-in-law had to be on it too and I know it can be tough sometimes.