Wednesday, December 15, 2010

22 weeks down...18 more to go!

Total weight gain: like I said before, no scale for this mama!  We will see at my appointment next week.....Dun, DUn, DUN!

How big is baby?  A papaya!

Maternity clothes: Hit the jackpot at Burlington and got jeans and 2 shirts, plus a sweater at a maternity consignment shop.  So I'll be good for another few weeks anyways, I still fit into one pair of jeans...I think they are like those magic pants from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants...they fit every size lol!  I also have resolved to be content with my be band and stretch out a few pants with that, so that brings my total up to 6 pairs that I can wear! whohoo!

Stretch marks: Nothin on this front, although I have ALOT of itching!!!! I think its a combo of my skin stretching and the dry winter air...NOT fun!  I had to get up last night and put on lotion it was so bad.

Sleep: Not much has changed here either, not great, but not terrible...been watching a little too much Law and Order so I always have to convince myself that there is no creepy stalker in the apartment before I can drift off to dream land :)

Movement: I pretty much feel her moving a little every day now, it's a nice little treat!  Bryan got to see her kicking the other night, so that was EXCITING!

Food cravings: eh, not so much, I crave food in general right now...I think partly because I have gotten a little sloppy with my protein intake, I really need to get back on that!  I get about 60-70 grams per day, but I feel better when I'm closer to 80 or 100.

Food aversions: Still stands, NO Mexican or popcorn and pretty much any kind of chili/sloppy joe smell makes me wanna die, we are having this thing at work, called the 12 days of Christmas where everyone gets a day and brings something...uhg, people come on!  no more!  if it smells it should be banned!!!! Pretty funny on my day, I brought vegan pumpkin gingerbread (no smell :)  and it was gone in about an hour. haha and they didn't even know if was good for them!

Belly button: It is so the exact same, I must have a very stubborn one, or just lots of skin to stretch!

What I'm looking forward to: a few things...1.  I have my next appointment Monday, and that's always nice to hear that everything is going good.  2.  Also yesterday I booked my flight to go home in January! So I am looking forward to spending some time with family and friends, probably the last time before Lola arrives!  3.  Christmas, I love the holiday! We are having a Skype Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve, so that'll be fun, our first with little Judah, the cutest nephew I have ever seen!

Weekly Wisdom:    Relax!  Sometimes it doesn't come naturally and you have to chose it, but its always an option, giving things to God and letting go, when you have absolutely no control.  I am learning this more and more.  I don't know much, but I do know that God is here for me and willing to listen to my heart and guide me. 

Weekly joy:  Well, it's been a tough week at times (my hormones are completely throwing me for a loop) but just making it to this point, 22 weeks, is a blessing in itself!

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