Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Resting is an interesting concept.  It implys that you are stopping some activity and on the onset seems to be nonproductive at best, even detrimental at worst.  But I am learning otherwise.  Taking a step back can ironically be equal to taking a giant leap forward. 
I am taking a day off today from running and trying to relax and not let my mind wander with this sudden pain that started yesterday in my hip.  Its hard to understand if you aren't a runner, but it's like putting time, effort and heart into something and then not being sure you will be able to see the fruit of your work come about in the way you wanted it to.  This journey that running and exercise in general has taken me on has truly been life changing.  Although it may see superficial to some people, it's actually a very emotional and personal undertaking.  The ups and downs that come along with it can really be great metaphors for life and teach you how to react when you feel lazy or discouraged.  I am learning to stop and listen to my body more.  I tend to be reactive and emotional with my decisions and not make lifestyle choices intentionally. In yoga I hear so often about being intentional, focusing your mind on something.  While the new age ideas I dont agree with, intention is something that I need more of.  What is my intention for today?  What do I feel God wants me to do or is trying to teach me?  Stopping and really sitting still to wait for Him to lead is super hard, but I think that it will only make us more productive and happier in the end.
 I am praying that with some rest and additional crosstraining in my training plan God will allow me to still run in New York, but His plan is way beyond November.  We'll have to sit, wait and see.

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  1. You are wise beyond your years Linds! Just prayed for you and for your hip today.