Saturday, August 7, 2010

Going Beyond...

I have had a tough week, I have pretty much been stripped of every coping mechanism and am standing completely in God's hands.  Between not being able to run and having to rest in His plan for my life in the future.  Plus those little things, like Starbucks (yes you read right, I am proud to say I am in recovery 11 days now without a single drop!:) 
I went to the Going Beyond conference with Priscilla Shier.  It was a stretch for me, since I didn't really know anyone else going, other than a few women from my church.  It was an amazing time of just surrendering.  Just being still and watching God rearrange me and remind me that even in those times when I get hung up and anxious about the past and future, He is able to create something in me.  He is able to use me, as long as I am willing.  Talent and personality don't limit your usefulness to God.  It's amazingly freeing to watch other women be real about their struggles, but not only that.  It's so exciting to hear of how God can bring them through and above those things and make something great out of their life.  I pray that I don't leave this weekend unchanged.  I want to continue on this journey towards complete surrender and complete freedom. 

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