Monday, August 9, 2010

an extreme makeover

This weekend was busy, but good.  Not what I really felt up to after the week I had, but I believe that God is doing some major renovations inside of me. I can see things changing in the way that I think and the needs that I have.   I went to the conference on Friday and Saturday, which was very challenging and refreshing.  Then church was good, some great reminders about being persistent and seeking God constantly.  I am feeling better too!  Today I did my normal cross training workout and lifted upper body. I did a little abs and then stretched big time.  I still feel tight, but I am definitely not feeling the pain that I did before.  I think I might switch up my training and do cross training 3 days a week and do an easy run and a short speed workout along with my long run, once I am back to 100%.  My body has never really liked 5 days of running a week, so I was probably not smart to think anything had changed!  I am so thankful to God for the encouragement of healing!  I also know that if I wasn't healed that He would have still taken care of me.  That's the lesson I do not want to forget! 
Otherwise things are going good.  Saturday I made toast quinoa.  It was SUPER easy.  Just mix quinoa, sunflower seeds and a touch of maple syrup.  Then bake it for about 15 minutes at 325, I think.  It's like a sweet protein treat!  Bryan loved it too :)  Sunday morning I continued our new tradition of having breakfast together, sitting down and just taking our time.  It was a really good time to reconnect and just rest.  I made some spelt pancakes topped with almond butter and mash bananas.  Delish!  I'm still forcing down the hot tea... trying to be a tea person...I guess it takes practice :)  Sunday night I made veggie burgers again, a little different than the first ones I tried and a little easier.  These had beans, (I used garbanzo cause I have a TON, but it called for black beans, anything would probably work)  oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon, cumin, garlic, salt, pepper, chili powder and Cayenne pepper.  You just blend everything, form patties and bake for 40 min.  They tasted really good, kind of a Moroccan feeling with the cinnamon and beans. 
Bryan works normal hours today! YEH :)  So I won't be asleep when he comes home and we could actually eat together! 
This coming weekend we are supposed to run a 5k with Bryan's brother in law.  Bryan isn't a hardcore cardio guy, so this has definitely stretched him, but he's really been pushing himself and doing great!  Bryan is definitely doing it, but we will have to see how I feel by then.

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