Thursday, February 24, 2011


Overwhelmed.  That pretty much sums up how I felt alllllll weekend on our trip to Indiana.  It all started out at 3 AM when I got up to get ready and finish up packing.  We got to the airport in plenty of time and got through security with no problems.  We left on time and actually got to Chicago about 20 minutes early.  We had a few hours to kill so we found some food and coffee (of course!)  and just relaxed...or maybe tried not to fall asleep would desribe it better :)  Then we headed on the long flight to Indiana a whopping 36 minutes, which they knocked off about 15 of that in the air, which put us in Fort Wayne about 30 minutes early.  So we got there and met up with one of the men from the church.  He took us to lunch at this super cute little place called House of Greens (Bryan gave them a heads up on his vegan wife).  Then we headed to the church to meet the pastor.  He took us around the town and showed us an apartment and just kind of gave us the low down on Huntington.  We went to dinner with him and his wife and then went to their house for an open house.  Needless to say it was very busy for a 7+ month pregnant girl who is used to being able to take breaks!!  My feet got absolutely HUGE and majorly uncomfortable by the end of the night, probably from a combo of the flying and being up all day.  Sunday Bryan taught Sunday School and we both gave our testimonies in the service.  Then they had a Q and A time afterwards with the church.  I got to answer a few questions, but it was mostly Bryan's time to shine...(he did really well and I was very proud to be his wife :)  Then we had a pizza lunch with the youth group and just got to know the kids a little bit.  Then finally headed to one of the members houses for a little "rest"  before we headed off to the airport have our flight cancelled, rebooked, delayed and FINALLY get home a little before 1am. 
It was an intense expirience, but a good one.  The people were very genuine and very friendly.  I really felt pretty comfortable with them from the start, which I was very nervous about.  The youth group is small, but I think has definite potential and would be a great place for Bryan to start his ministry career.  We are kind of in a waiting time right now just seeing what God has in store and I will definitely keep you updated.  I could see God's hand already at work both in mine and Bryan's hearts.  So it is exciting to see what God has in store. 

I planned on working all this week, because I really didn't have the time to take off.  I got to work on Monday and my feet were still HUGE, my shoes barely fit and I was just plan exhausted and stressed.  I decided maybe I should call Kim, my midwife, to see what I should do and she wanted me to come in.  My blood pressure ended up being a little high for me and with my feet the way there where she wanted me to take the rest of Monday and Tuesday to rest and keep them up and to do some blood work to make sure nothing serious was going on.  In a way I was greatful to have a reason to rest!  That is exactly what I did too.  Just chilled on the couch, did some online baby shopping and slept.  My feet went back to normal, which hasn't been the case for several weeks, it's nice to have normal looking feet for a little while atleast!  The bloodwork also came back good, so I am back to work and trying to be more proactive with keeping my feet up and resting more.  So far so good.

I'm 32 weeks today!  Whohoo!  8 months down, 2 to go.  39 more days of work till my due date and 56 more days total till April 21st. 

Supposedly she is 3.75lbs and about 16.5 inches long...the size of a large jicama...whatever that is!

She is still moving around a ton and hurting me more and more with her kicking.  I gained 3 more pounds as of Monday, but I think ALOT of that was from the swelling.  I go back to see Kim this Monday so we'll see how I make out. 

I bought a nursing pillow online at me tell you AMAZING free shipping.  I ordered it around 1pm on Monday and when I came home for lunch on Tuesday at noon it was already sitting there waiting for me!

I'm excited about it :)  I also won a cloth diaper on ebay for 6 bucks so that should be here soon too.  I feel like this next month we really need to finish up getting organized so April can kind of just be a relaxing month.  I have my family shower on March 13th, Small group/church shower on March 27th, a "surprise" work shower sometime and the youth group wants to do something I'm a bit overwhelmed by it all, but excited to celebrate little Lola with everyone. 
Tulsa has a huge baby consignment show starting Sunday and going through the end of next week, so Bry and I will try to make a run there and see if we can spot any deals. 
Well, that's all folks :) Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Amazing! I'm so excited about your ministry opportunity!! Very cool update Linds!