Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Plan

Trying to figure out God's will has always been something that has haunted me, so to speak.  It's like this mystery that we have to figure out somehow, someway...or is it?  Maybe it's more like growing, trusting one step at a time and praying everyday for direction and moving as the Spirit leads.  I've been reading through John for a while now, really interacting with the book more and focusing on each chapter and verse.  It's been an eye opening experience as I have see God's plan unfold in the lives of those mentioned.  Even as I come to the end, the intensity of God's movement is seemingly reaching a climax.  Jesus' death, burial and resurrection are powerful pictures of God's plan being fulfilled. 
With each new step in life there are questions that linger in my mind.  Questions like, what's next? or how is this all going to come together?  They used to come with much more fear and anxiety than they do these days.  While I still have my moments, it seems like more of an adventure, a surprise waiting around every corner.  Major things like moving or getting married or having a baby make you take a step back and regain perspective of your life.  I clearly remember those days in high school of being fearful of what was, or maybe more what wasn't to be apart of my future.  How little faith I had! Although these days I wonder what life as a mom will be like and how I will cope with all the new pressures.  How little faith I have!  God has a plan, he's not dropping me off here to fend for myself. Thank goodness!
Not too much new with Lola.  I have my appointment with my midwife on Monday and am looking forward to hearing her little heart again :)  I've reached the 2 digit count down, 99 days till my due date!  I remember when I was in the 200's and this time seemed like an eternity away.  Been feeling tired still, but trying to push through and tweak my schedule so that I stay up a little later at night so that I am an absolute zombie and then I am so extremely exhausted that I sleep a little better, whatever it takes I guess! 
Bryan's sister and brother-in-law are opening a gym on Saturday and I am going to be helping with the personal training and whatever else I can.  I'm excited to be able to do what I love, even if it is only once a week.  I get that feeling after a day of training, like....WOW I get paid to do this??  It's the best!  They set up a little workout and introduction time at a local community center with the senior citizens group that meets there.  I taught a little personal training demonstration for whoever wanted to try it out.   I forgot how rewarding that age group can be but not so much that I hate being in front of a crowd, though.  I think I will stick with my one on one and let someone else love teaching a group, but it was fun to train again. 
Bryan and I are also starting to lead a group of kids from the youth group, once a week.  We will be going through some topics in a book called, Perspectives.  It just takes real life issues and talks about them from a Godly perspective.  It should be a good time to get to know some of the kids better and spend some time having some real honest discussion about life. 
So I guess that's it!  My life is pretty busy, but good :)  See you soon!


  1. I'm excited for you guys and the teen group. I find teen girls to be starving for love, affection, and affirmation. I know you are perfect to show them all that God has to offer!

  2. Thanks Ab, we are excited too. Last night was the first night and it was amazing to see the kids open up and just be real right away. It is such a good reminder of how God has a plan for us and we are right where we need to be at the moment.