Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vegan and Lola Love

This week has been a crazy one, with some late and long nights with Lola.  She decided to roll over from her back to her stomach on Friday.  It's hard to believe next Thursday will mark one year from the day that we found out I was pregnant.  Life truly has changed!

To add to all the excitement around here we had some delicious meals this week, and here they are...

Enchiladas with avocado cilantro cream sauce

These were good, but I think I would change the enchilada sauce that I used and cut back on the cilantro in the cream sauce, not that big of a fan of the flavor.

I made a salad with some brown rice with greens, peas, garbanzos, roasted turnip and sweet potato and Mmmm sauce :)

 This was good.  I didn't have any curry powder so I improvised a little, but it has a nice flavor and creamy texture.  Next time I might swap out the almonds for cashews in the sauce as I find they make sauce thicker.  It's good on pretty much any combo of veggies.

Next we had lentil meatballs on brown rice pasta and fresh green beans....this was really, really good! 
The recipe is from my new cookbook! Check it out :)
 Dessert is last but definitely not least!  I tried two variations of banana soft serve (Frozen bananas and almond or soy milk in a food processor)

First up was Carob (tastes a lot like chocolate)  it was really good. Verrrrrrry creamy.

And the GRAND FINALE!  The AMAZING Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough "Blizzard".  If you don't try any vegan dessert for the rest of your life, try this!  I'm telling you it's the best frozen treat.  I can't wait to make it again!  Not to hard either!
The best part of the week though was hanging out with my girl.  I love her more and more every second!  Until next time...

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