Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Up Side

The joy of these days is amazingly more than I could ever have hoped.  Joy is a choice, but it's depth is unmatched by any fleeting feeling.  I am learning more each day and becoming more comfortable in this new skin.
We just finished our first successful week of 100% cloth diapering!  I am excited to keep this up and save tons o money in the process :)

 Lola is getting to be a pro at holding her head up and she has even rolled over 3 times!

 She loves her Sophie and her little seat (Thanks to her cousin Judah)

She is smiling a ton...although never for a picture :)

This should be arriving TOMORROW!

My new jogging stroller!! Thanks to some generous people at our church, we had enough money to cover most of this, plus the carseat adapter so we can use it ASAP!  I went for a little trial workout today, pre-stroller and am happy to say it was really the first satisfying workout I've had since September 11, 2010 when I broke my ankle at 8 weeks pregnant.  We have a great running trail across the street from our apartment and Bryan has started running too, so we can have a family run soon :)

Everyday is a challenge and a blessing, but most definitely worth every second!

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