Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Finding Ourselves

The older I get the more I am convinced I have no idea who I am, what I want or what is best for me.  This realization has forced me to lean harder on God in the uncertain times.  Although I have to admit that this doesn't always happen and the inevitable breakdown happens.  Living life one day at a time and trusting takes intention, it takes work.  In the journey, it's probably not as important how far you go, but that you don't give up, reset and put your focus back on the Strength that is faithful. 

We are all learning and growing and being stretched. But through it all God is faithful, I think that will always be the most precious trait of God to me.  When nothing else in life is stable, when I constantly fall and get back up, He is ALWAYS there.

As I think about what I was doing 11 years ago today, I am reminded of this even more.  As I sat in a doctor's office waiting for my mom's MRI to be done, watching the event of the day unfold in the waiting room...not understanding  how earth shaking the devastation that lie ahead would be to myself or the rest of the world but God was faithful then and He had a plan for me and our family and still does, just because sometimes it gets a little foggy and hard to see the next step, it's there.

Lola reminds me so often of that faithfulness and better plan.  She is growing like crazy, talking a ton, saying oh, oh, oh, oh yeah, nana (banana), apple, bubble, shoe, peas (please), book, Elmo  and will give high fives and fist bumps.  She loves being outside and reading books.  She is eating lots of rice, beans, almond butter and jelly sandwiches, waffles, yogurt and bananas.  She is really developing such a cute personality and loves to copy whatever I do.

She loves the park, though she plays more with the wood chips that anything else!

Eating is now a full body experience but she enjoys herself.  Haha.

We are learning more and more what God has for us and who we are in Him daily.  It's a long and crazy journey, but in the end a truly good one.  

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  1. I totally understand about meals being the full body experience! It's the same way with Charlotte! Lola is super cute. Hope you girls have a wonderful day together. :)