Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our New Life

It's weird, but it is still hard for me to believe that we are living in Pennsylvania right now.  We talked about it from the time we first moved to Tulsa, just keeping our options open, seeking continually what God had in store for our family, but the reality of it hasn't quite sunk in.  I personally have gone through so many life changes since living here only 2 and 1/2 short years ago.  Getting married, being a wife, being pregnant, having a baby and learning about being a mom, it feels like I lived another lifetime in Tulsa.  That being said, coming home brings a sense of comfort and familiarity that no other place on the planet ever could.  Spending time with my family has been a huge blessing already and I love that they are just a short car ride away.

This past week has been busy, with trying to change our driver's licenses to Pennsylvania, which is no easy task, especially with a wiggling 8 month old and almost 2 hour wait time and just getting more things settled and feeling more like our home.

Lola is getting another tooth on the top in front, so she has been getting up every 2 hours or so at night and taking very short naps during the day.  She is growing and changing so much each day though.  She pulls up on anything she can and wants anything that isn't a toy :)
This week we tried green beans, which she liked and next up is quinoa.

God has been so good to us up until now and we can't help but trust that His plan hasn't ended.  There are so many things for us to learn and ways we can grow closer as a family and ultimately closer to Him.  One verse that I have really held onto lately is Psalms 37:23-24:
If the Lord delights in a man's way, He makes his steps firm; Though he stumbles, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with His hand.

These days are full of change and new things, thankfully God is faithful and He will provide for our every need and help us through each day.  We are blessed!